Thursday, April 28, 2016

Available Workshops

Jake Hertzog & Juampy Juarez 
Available Workshops 2018-19 

Atonal and 12 Tone Techniques for Modern Improvisation 

•For all instruments, intermediate to advanced levels. 
•Demonstrates how to compose and then improvise using 12 tone rows. 
•Showcase set theory and its applications in an improvisational setting. 
•Jazz comping using non-functional harmony. 
•Integer notation applied to analysis. 

Counterpoint For Jazz Guitar 

•Lecture and interactive performance meant to offer tangible insight into applications of modern
contrapuntal techniques for jazz guitar. 
•Several approaches presented including, chord fragments, intervallic ideas, independent line writing.
•Students will observe the applications of these ideas to jazz standards and solo guitar. 
•For guitarists at all levels. 

33 Modes For All Styles 

•For all levels, styles and instruments. 
•Workshop takes students through the modes of major, melodic minor, harmonic minor, harmonic major and symmetrical scales.  
•Demonstrations include composing and improvising melodies, harmonization of scales and combining modes. 
•Applications of any mode to any style such as jazz, metal, blues and rock. 

Contemporary Solo Guitar 

•Overview of contemporary repertoire and styles of solo guitar, for guitarists at all levels.
•Techniques include counterpoint, chord-melody, walking bass, and right hand development. 
•Highlight a broad approach to contemporary harmony as applied to the guitar.  
•Discussion of composing for solo guitar and improvising solo guitar in a jazz or post-jazz context.
•Survey of extended guitar techniques such as harp harmonics, hybrid right hand and tapping. 

The Art of Interplay 

•Intermediate to advanced ensemble workshop focused on interaction and interplay in modern
•Students will perform in duo, trio and quartet setting, with analysis of their interaction skills.
•Focus on how to listen and create a response in real time.
•Contexts will include jazz standards, modern compositions and free improvisations. 

The Modern Guitar in Rock and Beyond 

•For guitarists of all styles and levels.
•Workshop focusing on contemporary guitar techniques in rock, jazz, blues, fusion, metal and more. 
•Demonstration of various right and left hand techniques such as hybrid and sweep picking, tapping,
legato playing and harmonics. 
•Focus on the difference in accompaniment styles and approaches to improvisation. 
•Discussion of sounds and effects and their common applications. 

Celebrated as one of South America's most important guitarists, Juampy Juarez has performed with
some of the world's greatest musicians for over 25 years including Ben Monder, Pedro Aznar and 
Howard Alden. Juampy's work as a bandleader ranges from his Thelonious Monk tribute album (SouthMonk) to 12 Tone jazz. He has authored four books on contemporary jazz techniques such as 
counterpoint and polyphonic improvisation and contributed 23 teaching-artist videos for Mike's Master Classes. Juampy is a faculty member at EMU Music School in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

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Jake Hertzog is a multi-genre award-winning guitarist, composer, songwriter and educator currently
based in New York City. He has five critically acclaimed jazz records as composer and leader. He has
contributed over 30 instructional jazz guitar articles to Guitar Player magazine under the alias "Hey Jazz Guy" and has taught workshops across the US, Europe and India. Jake holds a performance degree from Berklee College of Music and a masters degree in jazz performance from The Manhattan School of Music in New York.   

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