Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Pentatonic Scale + Chromatism - Ezequiel Ocampo

Hello. How are you?
Today I want to show you some useful ideas. They are going to help you complement your melodic vocabulary. You should play them with the hybrid picking technique.
EXAMPLE 1 Here, you can see a fragment of the Am pentatonic scale coloured with chromatisms. It is a seven-note pattern.
EXAMPLE 2 Here, we have the same pattern going up the pentatonic scale, from the sixth string to the first.
EXAMPLE 3 Now, we apply the pattern specified in the second example to the Bm pentatonic scale.
EXAMPLE 4 We have a combination of the Am/Bbm/Bm pentatonic scales. This way, we attain an inside/outside sonority.
NOTE: We can use these examples on Am7 or a II-V. As it is a seven-note pattern on semiquavers, the motive has a rhythmic displacement.

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