Tuesday, June 20, 2017

3 Notes Clusters - Juampy Juarez

Hello friends!
These new ideas are chord clusters of 3 notes, the chords called clusters, are formed by at least one second in its composition, be it mayor or minor. These structures may or may not have thirds. If they do not have them they are hybrids and they do not remit to the sound mayor or minor immediately. All the chords of the two examples come from my research, trying to make sound, play or see the guitar as a fully polyphonic instrument (poly in Greek means many, and phono sound).
I consider that this way of seeing or understanding the guitar has much to explore, in addition to strengthening the fields that almost always the guitarists leave aside based on playing lines: 
One, understand the guitar better; Two, greater possibilities to harmonize arrange and compose; And among many others, greater resources for self-help.
I use pick and fingers to play these examples, another possibility would be to use only fingers in the classic way. If they use only the pick they would be missing many possibilities.
I wish you good practice! And be creative that is the most important thing that art has.

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