Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The four laws of counterpoint - Juampy Juarez

The 4 laws of counterpoint:

The four laws of counterpoint are parallel counterpoint, opposite (these two are the most important the next two are variations of these) similar and oblique.
The parallel counterpoint consists of moving two voices in the same direction and maintaining the same intervals, similar is a parallel counterpoint but not always with the same intervals.
Contrary are two voices moving in the opposite direction and oblique means a fixed voice and the other moves.
In the guitar these concepts are very useful when accompanying, composing, playing alone or improvising.
Here are some examples, licks or ideas, to use the counterpoint without going too deep into the theory. The idea is to be able to use it in an improvised way, not only as pre-established or pre-arranged arrangements, which, of course, is also a valid and effective option. I recommend applying these ideas to standards, such as intros, finales or chord melodies.
Have fun!

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