Thursday, May 17, 2018

Atonal Funk Rules - Maycown Reichembach

Hi folks!

In this column I will show you the structure of the song called "Atonal Funk Rules that belongs to my new album" Way From Home ".
It contains basically three parts, the first is funk / rock on the key of Am, then a more Latin part where I made several II V I and some substitutions of chords and finally the atonal part. Atonal refers to that part has no tonal axis, that is, the notes move through an indefinite harmonic series, no note will exercise attraction on any other sound of that series, not to be confused with Dodecafonismo that does have a harmonic series.
The result is a very particular sonority, and very little used in popular music divided to its complexity, even more so if we think of the rhythmic part that was written to cause the same expression.
P / D: the drummer of this musical work is the multi-awarded drummer Simon Phillips (Toto, Jeff Beck, Hiromi), Caio Slonzo who played with Herbie Hancook and Alejandro Grinschpun

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